Pricing Factors

Many factors go into a car insurance company determining the rate to charge a particular insured. Though these factors are generalized, today’s technology gives companies access to much more information and an ability to break down the risk of each insured into a large variety of prices. Different car insurance companies give importance to different factors thereby causing a large variance of prices from one insured to the other and from one company to another.

The following are samples of some of these factors.

  • Credit Rating
    Many companies have determined that the better the credit rating, the more cautious one is likely to be and less likely to file frivolous lawsuits.
  • Territory
    In some territories there are less likely to be claims and in others much more likely. With today’s information, companies are able to break these territories into smaller and smaller areas and thereby creating a large variety of rates from one zip code to another.
  • Personal Information
    Factors such as sex, marital status, experience, age, occupation, education, and prior insurance coverage and type of prior coverage.
  • Clue Reports
    This is the recording entity of information reported by companies of any payout by insurance companies and/or other entity that report such information and other possible claim factors.
  • Property Value and Quality
    The quality of construction and age not only determine its value but also the probability and extent of possible damage (in homeowners insurance, this is becoming a big factor and inspections are now suggested to determine any additional discounts a policy has earned because of storm protection.) Auto insurance can vary, even within the same vehicle model depending on features.

As one can see when all these factors are multiplied, there can be a large variance of possible rates and having an agent capable of accessing many different companies that use a variety of rating factors is vital. This is where All-Motors State Insurance with its large array of companies and knowledgeable agents can be useful.

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